Operation Fall Weiss

German campaigns and battles 1919-1945.

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Operation Fall Weiss

Postby El Savior » Thu Oct 09, 2003 1:39 pm

I'm researching operation Fall Weiss (Poland campaign) order of battle for Germany. Any corrections or info about topic is welcome. I want to know each commander for korps and division.


Army Group Nord
commanded by Fedor von Bock

8 Infantry divison
2 Motorized divison
1 Panzer Division

3rd ARMY
commanded by Georg von Kuechler

I Armeekorps
commanded by Petzel

11. divisions
61. division
Pz. division "Kempft"

XXI Armeekorps

21. division
228. division


1. division
12. division

4th ARMY
commanded by Gunther von Kluge

II Armeekorps

3. division
32. division

III Armeekorps

50. division
Brigade Netze

XIX Armeekorps (mot.)
commanded by Heinz Guderian

3. Panzer division
2. Mot. Infantry
20. Mot. Infantry


10. Panzer divison

1st Luftflotte
commanded by Generalfeldmarschall Albert Kesselring

Aufklärungsgruppe 10
Aufklärungsgruppe 11
Aufklärungsgruppe 21
Aufklärungsgruppe 41
Aufklärungsgruppe 120
Aufklärungsgruppe 121
Jagdgeschwader 1
Jagdgeschwader 2
Jagdgeschwader 3
Jagdgeschwader 20
Jagdgeschwader 21
Kampfgeschwader 1
Kampfgeschwader 2
Kampfgeschwader 3
Kampfgeschwader 4
Kampfgeschwader 25
Kampfgeschwader 152
Lehrgeschwader 2
Sturzkampfgeschwader 1
Sturzkampfgeschwader 2
Zerstörergeschwader 1
Zerstörergeschwader 2

Army Group Süd
commanded by Gerd von Rundstedt

18 Infantry division
4 Slovak Infantry division
1 Mountain Division
2 Motorized division
4 Light Motorized divisions
4 panzer divisions

Panzer Divisions and attacked from Silesia / Moravia and Slovakia. The Army Group South had the strongest armored formations with over 2000 tanks and 800 armored cars.

8th ARMY
commanded by Blaskowitz

X Armeekorps

24. division

XIII Armeekorps

10. division
17. division

10th ARMY
commanded by Von Reichenau

IV Armeekorps
commanded by Schwedler

4. division
46. division

XI Armeekorps

18. division
19. division

XIV Armeekorps (mot.)

13. division (mot.)
29. division (mot.)

XV Armeekorps (mot.)
commanded by Hoth


XVI Armeekorps (mot.)
commanded by Hoepner

1. Panzer division
4. Panzer division
14. division
31. division

14th ARMY
commanded by List

VIII Armeekorps

8. division
28. division
5. Panzer division

XVII Armeekorps

7. division
44. division
45. division

XVIII Armeekorps



VII Armeekorps
commanded by von Wietersheim

13. Mot. division
29. Mot. division

4th Luftflotte
commanded by Generaloberst Alexander Löhr

Aufklärungsgruppe 14
Aufklärungsgruppe 31
Aufklärungsgruppe 124
Jagdgeschwaber 76
Jagdgeschwaber 77
Kampfgeschwader 76
Kampfgeschwader 77
Sturzkampfgeschwader 76
Sturzkampfgeschwader 77
Zerstörergeschwader 76

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Fall Weiss - German OoB

Postby markie » Wed Dec 10, 2003 6:58 am

I've just finished an article about the Polish Campaign. I coud provide you with a number of commanders of units, especialy Infantry. Are you still interested ??

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Postby Christoph Awender » Wed Dec 10, 2003 9:49 am


Have a look on my site:



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Postby Morden » Thu Dec 11, 2003 4:38 am

are you unterested in polish OoB which I can provide?


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Polish Campaign OdB. Part One.

Postby 4444 » Tue Dec 16, 2003 12:54 pm

AG North (F. von Bock): 73 ID (F. von Rabenau), 10 LightD (Schaal), 206 ID (H. Hoetl), 208 ID (M. Andreas)

4. Army (G. von Kluge): 218 ID (W. Grote)

· Frontier Guard Command (L. Kaupisch): 207 ID (K. von Tiedermann)
· XIX Corps (H. Guderian): 2. MotD (P. Bader), 3. PzD (G. von Schweppenburg), 20 MotD (M. von Wiktorin)
· II Corps (E. Strauss): 32 ID (F. Boehme), 3 ID (W. Lichel)
· III Corps (K. Haase): “Netze” Div (F. von Gabienz), 50 ID (K. Sorsche)

3. Army (G. von Kuchler): 217 ID (R. Baltzer), Brig. „Eberhard“ (G. Eberhard)

· XXI Corps (N. von Falkenhorst): 228 ID (H. Suttner), 21 ID (H-K. von Both)
· I Corps (W. Petzel): 1 ID (J. von Kortzfleisch), 12 ID (L. von der Leyen)
· Corps „Brand“ (F. Brand): Brig. „Lotzen“ (G. Offenbacher), Brig. „Goldap“ (H. Nolte)

AG South (G. von Rundstedt): 239 ID (F. Neuling), 221 ID (J. Pflugbeil), 213 ID (R. de L’Homme de Courbiere), 62 ID (W. Keiner), 68 ID (G. Braun), 27 ID (F. Bergmann)

8. Army (J. Blaskowitz):

· X Corps (W. Ulex): 24 ID (F. Olbricht), 30 ID (K. von Briesen)
· XIII Corps (M. Weichs): 10 ID (C. von Cochenhausen), 17 ID (H. Loch)

10. Army (W. von Reichenau): 3 LightD (A.Kuntzen), 1 LightD (F.W. von Loeper)

· XI Corps (E. Leeb): 18 ID (F.K. Cranz), 19 ID (G. Schwantes)
· XVI Corps (E. Hoepner): 4 PzD (G. H. Reinhardt), 1 PzD (R. Schmidt), 14 ID (P. Weyer), 31 ID (R. Kaempfe)
· IV Corps (V. von Schwedler): 46 ID (P. von Hasse), 4 ID (E. Hansen)
· XV Corps (H. Hoth): 2 LightD (G. Stumme)
· XIV Corps (G. von Wietersheim): 13 MotD (F. du Faur), 29 MotD (J. Lemelsen)

14. Army (W. List):

· XXII Corps (E. von Kleist): 1 MountD (L. Kubler), 2 MountD (V. Fuerstein)
· VIII Corps (E. Busch): 8 ID (R. Koch-Erpach), 28 ID (H. von Obstfelder), 5 PzD (H. von Vietinghoff)
· XVII Corps (W. Kienitz): 44 ID (A. Schubert), 7 ID (E. Ott)
· XVIII Corps (E. Beyer) : 2 PzD (R. Veiel), 4 LightD (A. Hubicki), 3 MountD (E. Dietl)

Slovak Army Group (4 divisions) excluded.


Part Two forthcoming. Please have a look soon.
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Part Two. Where have all the flowers gone?

Postby 4444 » Thu Dec 18, 2003 2:15 am

4444 wrote:Part Two forthcoming. Please have a look soon.

1. Edward Rydz-Smigly (53); Commander-in-Chief of the Polish Army; crossed Polish-Romanian border Sep 39; interned by the Romanians, secretly returned as a private individual to Poland Dec 40; tried to run his own underground organisation; never captured by the Germans; died Dec 1941.

2.. Walther von Reichenau (55); commander of the 10. Army; commanded 6. Army first in France (within AG “B”) and than in Russia (within AG “South”); handed over 6. Army to Paulus when promoted to commander of the entire AG „South“ Dec 1941; died in plane crash near Leipzig Jan 1942

3. Gunther von Kluge (57); commander of the 4. Army; during Fall Gelb commanded 4. Army, which he also led in Russia (AG “Centre”); promoted to commander of AG “Centre” late 1941, injured in car crash summer 1943, returned to service as head of AG “West” (France); dismissed in midst of the Falaise battle, commited suicide Aug 1944

4. Ivan G. Zakharkin (42); commander of the 10. Army; commanded 49. Army 1941, deputy commander of the Central Front 1943, deputy commander of the I. Belorussian Front 1944; head of the Odessa Military District 1944; died in car crash late 1944

5. Czeslaw Mlot-Fijalkowski (47); commander of the „Narew” Group (which had the army standing); surrended to the Germans Sep 39; POW; died in captivity in the Murnau OfLag 1944

6. Fedor von Bock (59); commander of AG “North”; during Fall Gelb commanded AG “B” (advancing towards the Netherlands), later AG “Centre” (Russia), dismissed Dec 1941, after a month in reserve returned as commander of AG “South” (Russia) Jan 1942; dismissed Jul 1942 and moved to reserve, died during an allied bomb raid 1945

7. Tadeusz Kutrzeba (53); commander of the “Poznan”Army; surrended to the Germans after the fall of Warsaw late Sep 39; POW; liberated 1945; after WWII on exile in the United Kingdom; has never returned to Poland; died 1947

8. Johannes Blaskowitz (56); commander of the 8. Army; commanded 9. Army (Fall Gelb), than headed the France-based 1. Army, promoted to France-based AG “G” commander May 1944, dismissed Sep 1944, AG “G” commander again Dec 44 to Jan 45, head of Lower-Rhine based AG “H” Jan 45, commander of Festung Holland Apr 45; POW 1945, committed suicide in British prison 1948

9. Heinrich von Brauchitsch (58); commander-in-chief of the German land forces during the Polish, Danish, Norwegian and French campaigns, also during “Barbarossa”; released and moved to reserve Dec 1941; member of various semi-military advisory bodies; POW 1945; died before trial 1948

10. Gerd von Rundstedt (64); commander of AG “South”; commanded AG “A” (France), than AG “South” (Russia); dismissed Dec 1941; nominated commander OB “West” Mar 1942, dismissed Jul 1944; again commander OB “West” Sep 1944; dismissed Mar 1945. POW 1945, released from prison 1948; died Hannover 1953

11. Emil Przedrzymirski-Krukowicz (53); commander of the „Modlin” Army; surrended to the Germans Sep 39, POW; liberated 1945; after WWII on exile, has never returned to Poland; died 1957

12. Ivan G. Sovetnikov (42); commander of the 5. Army; commanded 11. Army 1941, 34. Army 1942-43, 4. Army 1944-45; held minor positions in provincial military administration; died 1957

13. Kazmierz Fabrycy (51); commander of the “Karpaty” Army; crossed Polish-Romanian border on Sep 39; interned by Romanian authorities, later in the Polish exile structures in the Middle-East; after WWII on exile, has never returned to Poland, died 1958

14. Stefan Dab-Biernacki (49); commander of the “Prusy” Army; crossed Polish-Romanian border on Sep 39; moved to France; released from the army 1940; after WWII on exile, has never returned to Poland; died 1959

15. Vassili I. Kuznetsov (45); commander of the 3. Army; commanded 21. Army 1941, 1. Strike Army 1941-42, 1. Guard Army 1942-43, deputy commander Baltic Front 1943-45; commanded 3. Strike Army; held minor semi-military positions, headed Volga MD 1953-57, in the Ministry of Defence 1957-63; died 1964

16. Wladyslaw Bortnowski (48); commander of the “Pomorze” Army; surrended to the Germans Sep 39; POW; liberated 1945; after WWII on exile, first in Britain later in the United States; has never returned to Poland; died 1966

17. Mikhail P.Kovalov (42); commander of the Belorussian Front; commanded 15. Army (Finland) 1939-40; headed Baikal MD 1941, deputy head of the district 1941-45; deputy commander Bailal Front 1947; returned to Europe 50s, in Leningrad and other military districts; died 1967

18. Julisz Rommel (58); commander of the “Lodz” Army; surrended to the Germans Sep 39; POW; liberated 1945; the only army commander which returned to Poland after WWII; first suffered minor persecutions, later held minor representative military positions; died 1967

19. Georg Kuchler (58); commander of 3. Army; commanded 18. Army (Fall Gelb) and the same one in Russia (advancing along the Baltic coast within AG “North”), promoted to commander of AG “North” Jan 42, dismissed Jan 44; in reserve; POW 1945; sentenced to 20 years, released from prison 1953; died Garmisch-Partenkirchen 1968

20. Kliment N. Voroshylov (58); minister of defence; released 1940; back in active service and head of North-West Direction, Leningrad and Volchov Fronts 1941-42; commander of the partisan forces 1942; head of Allied Council in Hungary 1945; deputy prime minister 1946-53; head Supreme Council of the USSR 1953-60; died 1968

21. Siemion K. Timoshenko (44); commander of the Ukrainian Front; commanded South-Western Front (Finland) 1939-40, Western Front 1941, South-Western Front 1941, Stalingrad Front 1942, North-Western Front 1942; later acted as Supreme Command co-ordinator with 2. and 4. Ukrainian Front; headed different military districts, at the Ministry of Defence; died 1970

22. Antoni Szylling (55); commander of the “Krakow” Army; surrendered to the Germans Sep 39; POW; liberated 1945; after WWII on exile, has never returned to Poland; died 1971

23. Wilhelm List (59); commander of the 14. Army; commanded 12. Army (France and Greece), OB “South” 1940, later released and held in reserve, returned to service heading AG “A” 1942 (Russia), dismissed after failure to cross the Caucasus Sep 1942, in reserve, POW 1945, sentenced to life imprisonment, released 1953, died 1971

24. Nikifor V. Medvedev (51); commander of the 11. Army; commanded 5. Army 1941, relased, minor administrative positions; head of the Siberian MD 1942-44; commanded XVII Corps 1944; held minor staff positions, died 1973

25. Ivan V. Tyuleniev (47); commander of the 12. Army; head of Moscow MD 1940, commanded Southern Front 1941, released in reserve, back in command at the 28. Army 1941-42, TransCaucasian Front 1942; head of Transcaucasian MD 1943, Kharkov MD 1945, minor staff and ministerial positions, Chief Inspector of the Ministry of Defence, died 1978

26. Philip I. Golikov (39); commander of the 6. Army; deputy Chief of Staff 1940; commanded 10. Army 1941, Briansk and Voronesh Fronts 1942-43, moved to staff positions 1943, vice-minister of defence; head of various MDs; Head of Political Department in army 1958-52, in various central militrary units; died 1980

27. Vassili I. Tchuikov (39); commader of the 4. Army; deputy commander and commander of 62. Army (Stalingrad!), later led the same army (as 8. Guard Army) 1943-45, fought in Berlin; various positions in occupied Germany, head of Kiev MD, 1960-64 commander of land USSR forces and vice-minister, other positions; died 1982.

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Postby Stefan » Thu Dec 18, 2003 8:40 am

The correct name of the ObdH is Walther von Brauchitsch.

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