Meopta rifle scopes.

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Meopta rifle scopes.

Postby Craig » Fri Mar 14, 2003 7:14 pm

Hi all,

Can anyone tell me about the Meopta brand of scopes? Have they been around awhile? Did they make scopes during the war? I have the opportunity to buy one pretty cheap (I think) and as it looks fairly old I was thinking of mounting it on my K98 for reenacting/general shooting at the range.

It is a fairly simple looking one with brass fittings and is a 3x.

It resembles many scopes I have seen mounted on wartime rifles.

Meopta is a Czech company.

On another note, were all German scopes mounted on K98's mounted well clear of the safety catch in order not to affect the function of the safety or did they use modified safety catches? The curent setup that the above scope is on restricts the movement of the safety catch so that it must stay in the 'fire' position all the time. Are after market mounts available to fit this kind of scope that will raise it to a more correct height?
I am unable to get pictures but the price inc. the current mounts is about $85 US for what looks like a very old scope that would not look out of place on a K98 for the purposes that I require.

Any opinions or thoughts are greatly appreciated.

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