Panzers at Campaux

German Heer 1935-1945.

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Mattias Rönnblom
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Re: Panzers at Campaux

Post by Mattias Rönnblom » Mon Nov 17, 2014 11:33 pm

Are there any good books on the 7th Panzer that might include information on this action?

I have The 7th Panzer Division in France and Russia by Stolfi, but does not cover this period in any detail.

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Re: Panzers at Campaux

Post by tigre » Sat Nov 22, 2014 4:57 pm

Hello to all :D; hey Mattias this is what I could find over there...............

7. Pz on Jun 7, 1940..............

Around 10:00 hours the division advanced in broad front and with two attack groups: right (Oberst v. Bismarck) one tank company and the SR 7 (reinforced with light artillery group, one ligh and one heavy Flak company and anti-tank troops); left the PR 25 (less one company), behind Pz AA 37 and Kradsch. Btl 7, then SR 6 (reinforced) securing the open south flank. Around 13:00 hours the area of Fenquières was in the division's hand. Three hours later the division crossed the stream of Théram astride St. Samson. At 16:00 hours the tank company Schulz reached the road Dieppe - Paris and shortly afterwards blocked it by Saumont with parts of the SR 7. In the evening the Pz AA 37 attacking against the Andelle, astride Signy, met strong enemy defense.

5. Pz on Jun 07, 1940..................

Advance towards Forges les Eaux, first objective the high ground eastwards of Formérie. The armored brigade's attack began at 10:00 hours with PR 31 right and PR 15 left. Behind PR 31 was the I./ AR 116 and behind the PR 15 the II./ AR 116, in the middle the II./ AR 48. Then in broad wedge the SR 14. The SR 13 was securing the north flank. The MG Btl 8 with Pz. Jäg. Abt 652 got the task of securing the flank against Aumale by Tronchy - Boulanvillers. The AA 8 was to reach Caulières, reconnoitering towards northwest. At the level of Abancourt the right of the 8. Pz Brigade (PR 31) met strong resistence with two blocking lines with obstacles and anti-tank guns. Around 14:00 hours had broken through it. At 16:00 hours the regiment found another line of resistence by Bois d'Abancourt. The Pz. Brigade therefore took a turn and organized a new attack towards Forges les Eaux south of Formérie. At 17:45 hours the attack proceeded from the south of Formérie and around 18:00 hours met hostile tanks by Gaillefontaine.

Sources: Die Geschichte der 5. Panzerdivision: 1938 bis 1945: Autor: Anton Detlev von Plato (Thanks to Jan-Hendrik).
Die Geschichte der 7.Panzer Division.

Cheers. Raúl M 8).
Fight of the 5. Pz Jun 07, 1940....................
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