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Re: Feldgrau Future - Moving Forward

Post by jpollar » Sun Mar 05, 2017 5:45 pm

Nope. I've been to Caserma Ederle numerous times though. I completed a one year exchange at the University of Pavia...before that I was in Florence. I traveled back to Italy a lot when I lived in Germany. Went at least twice a year. It's been about two years that I haven't been back to either...longest time away since being an adult.

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Re: Feldgrau Future - Moving Forward

Post by waffen211 » Mon Mar 06, 2017 2:40 am

Ciao John, allora se passi per Sorrento, perchè non ci incontriamo? Sono Massimiliano Afiero, spero tu mi conosca, ho pubblicato numerosi libri sulla storia della Waffen SS e da qualche anno anche tradotti in lingua inglese dalla Schiffer, io abito in provincia di Napoli.

Massimiliano (Waffen211)

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