Encyclopédie de l'Ordre Nouveau volume 3

Foreign volunteers, collaboration and Axis Allies 1939-1945.

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Encyclopédie de l'Ordre Nouveau volume 3

Post by ustuf.33 » Sat Dec 03, 2016 4:52 am

Grégory Bouysse is glad and proud to present to Axis Forum the release of his new book :
"Encyclopédie de l'Ordre Nouveau - Histoire du SOL, de la Milice Française & des mouvements de la Collaboration - volume 3"

This new sery, started in june 2016, is the accomplishment of a very long work and searching time of the author in the archives of all departments of France. (the author continue, again, to explore the new open archives) : hundreds and hundreds of files (for most never exploited before).
for this third volume, 145 biographys and complete date of Figures of SOL/MIlice Française, french fascist parties and movements (PPF, RNP, Francisme, and the civil organization of the LVF, etc), and soldiers/NCO/officers of the LVF/SS/Division Charlemagne (some mens from less know units like NSKK, OT), and members (active) of the Sipo-SD.
Almost ALL of these 145 profiles are totally inedit, and never appear in any books (even obscure "regional WWII history").

There is a lot of annex : extraits of "Combats" (official Milice newspaper), complete propaganda and instruction from the parties,
the complete Adress of the HQ of the Milice and parties in 4 departments : Haute-Garonne, Ariège, Tarn, Tarn-et-Garonne (photos of the buildings, etc).

M. Bouysse count only on solidarity forum members, and "mouth to ear" promotion.

Even english speakers-only will be able to understand (and translate) the biography, who are written in a simple and clear manner.

Thanks for support. Long live Axis forum and History in general. :thumbsup:

PS : the link for purchase Volume 3 :
http://www.lulu.com/shop/gr%C3%A9gory-b ... 70148.html

The official page of "Encyclopédie de l'Ordre Nouveau" : many inedit and unpublished documents , many photos from previous volumes of the author (his complete Leon Degrelle collection photos): http://www.facebook.com/ordrenouveau/

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